AXIS T90B IR-LED Illuminators

Optimized IR illumination for Axis cameras

  • Highly flexible, interchangeable lenses
  • IR LED models
  • Fine tuning from ground level with remote control
  • Evenly illuminated scene

Flexibility to meet camera’s field of view

The unique beam pattern system in AXIS T90B Illuminators uses the latest development in interchangeable holographic optics and allows users to precisely match the angle of illumination to the required field of view. The included diverging lenses offer 35º, 60º and 80º beam angle and an optional 120º diverging lens is available for all AXIS T90B Illuminators model.

The illustration shows the distance reached by the different IR-LED illuminators and an approximation of the field of view. AXIS T90B40 IR-LED comprises two LEDs. Depending on the required angle of illumination, narrow angle (1) or wide angle (2), AXIS T90B40 reaches different distances.

Evenly illuminated scene

The diverging lenses use hot-spot reduction technology to produce images with a highly diffused elliptical beam shape to deliver light directly to where it is most needed, allowing greater illumination distances, reducing light and energy wastage and preventing the overexposure of foreground objects.

Fine tuning from ground level

An optional AXIS T90B Remote Control provides the ability to set-up the illuminator quickly, safely and from ground level.


  • Low-light surveillance - 24 hours/day: where light conditions are less than optimal.
  • Discreet surveillance: where the use of artificial light is restricted.
  • Indoor and outdoor: IP66- and NEMA 4X-rated casings for indoor and outdoor use.
With IR light
Without IR light