AXIS T98A-VE Cabinet Series

Robust cabinets for easy installation of critical system equipment

  • Vandal resistant
  • Custom designed for Axis cameras
  • Broad range of models
  • Ease of installation

Custom designed for Axis cameras

The Axis camera can be mounted on the door of the cabinet, which is already prepared with drill holes to match the different network cameras. (Axis network camera is not included).

Broad range of models

AXIS T98A-VE Series comprises AXIS T98A-VE Surveillance Cabinets and AXIS T98A-VE Media Converter Cabinets. The first cabinets are available in different models depending on the type of network camera that can be mounted on the cabinet door. The cabinet gives the flexibility to safely install accessories that are required to complete the installation. AXIS T98A-VE Media Converter Cabinets are pre-configured cabinets to use together with fiber installations. The latter are available in different models, also matching different type of network cameras that can be mounted on the cabinet door. Check the products down below for a complete list of models and compatibility.

Ease of installation

Five different models
(network camera not included)

AXIS T98A-VE offers several ease of installation features to simplify the work for the installers. The cabinet has a detachable mounting plate for an easy and safe installation on wall. For installation on pole or building corner a selection of mounting brackets is available. The polycarbonate cabinet base is extremely lightweight that can be easily carried in one hand. The cabinet door can be left or right hinged, thanks to removable hinge pins. Furthermore, the hinges have a stop that locks the cabinet door at 105° to avoid that the door hits back the installer.