AXIS Installation Monitor

  • Adjustment of focus with easy-to-read indicator
  • Pan and tilt control
  • I/O port views and control
  • Automatic detection of Axis network cameras
  • Runs on Pocket PC

Simplifies installation and maintenance

AXIS Installation Monitor software simplifies the physical installation and service of Axis network cameras mounted on walls, ceilings, poles -- wherever focus and direction need to be set or adjusted. Basic camera properties can be monitored from a handheld Pocket PC, without having to rely on a laptop or contact with a colleague at a remote computer.

Pocket PC user interface control

AXIS Installation Monitor automatically discovers Axis network video products on the network. The installer can view the live camera images by using a Pocket PC while adjusting the focus, viewing angle and direction, and even the field of view for pan/tilt cameras. The built-in focus indicator makes the installation quick and efficient. 

Installation scenarios

These are some typical installation scenarios where AXIS Installation Monitor would provide an easy and efficient solution.

Crossover cable

By using a crossover cable the camera can be connected directly to the network card equipped Pocket PC.

Wireless connection

By using a wireless-enabled Pocket PC with connection to an access point on the network, any camera can easily be reached for adjustments.

Camera using Power over Ethernet (PoE)

By using a PoE-enabled switch such as 3Com NJ105 the camera will be supplied with power and the Pocket PC with network connection.