AXIS Camera Management

Efficient management tool for your Axis network video products

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Recommended replacement: AXIS Device Manager

Note: AXIS Device Manager is the new, improved version of AXIS Camera Management. We will support AXIS Camera Management until 21st of December 2020, but no additional feature development will be made.

  • Powerful management of single or multiple sites
  • Easy camera configuration
  • Reliable firmware upgrade
  • Efficient management of camera applications
  • Camera configuration backup and restore
  • Intuitive user interface

Powerful management capabilities

AXIS Camera Management is a powerful and efficient installation and management tool, specially designed to be used with Axis network video products. Using standard network protocols and methods, the tool can automatically find and configure devices, set IP addresses, show connection status, backup and restore camera configuration, manage firmware upgrades and camera applications for multiple devices.

All sizes of installations

Installed onto your Windows PC, AXIS Camera Management can be used in all sizes of installations. You can efficiently manage and maintain a few to several hundred Axis network video products in one site to several thousand in a multi-site installation. Support for AXIS Camera Application Platform enables efficient distribution of compatible applications as well as license key files to several devices in the system.

Intuitive interface

AXIS Camera Management has an intuitive user interface with display of device name, address, model, firmware version and status. Device management operations are easily accessed from menus and direct access icons. Management operations status is always accessible. For efficient maintenance and administration, user-defined tags can be assigned to the devices in the system.

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