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Products and solutions

AXIS Companion video surveillance solution

  • Professional end-to-end solution leveraging Axis quality
  • Affordable cameras, recorders, software and accessories
  • Designed to meet the requirements of the small business segment
  • Video surveillance that scales to match changing business needs

View the video to discover the benefits of the AXIS Companion solution, and how AXIS Companion Line scales to match changing business needs.

Please note!

AXIS Companion IP cameras and AXIS Companion Recorders only work with AXIS Companion video management software and mobile app.

Proven solutions for small businesses

"With the AXIS Companion Line, I can deliver a solution to meet my customer’s needs and budget, without compromising the level of quality that I demand."

Small businesses have never been better protected

A complete solution

The solution is built around the AXIS Companion video management software which allows users to view live or recorded video at their premises or even remotely from another location.

Video surveillance is set up using the dedicated AXIS Companion IP-cameras that connect to the AXIS Companion Recorder, an 8-channel network video recorder with built in PoE switch allowing 1-2 months of recording.