Business practice

Ethics and trust in focus

To be transparent and handle our relationships in a responsible and ethical way is important to us. We have our own code of conduct and anti-corruption policy to ensure the well-being and development of our company and everyone associated with it.

The UN Global Compact is a world-wide initiative for corporate sustainability. More than 9,000 companies from 160 countries have pledged to follow and implement universal principles addressing human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption issues. We decided years ago to lead by example and sign up to access the UN’s resources and expertise. Read more in this article.

Building trust through ethics

Doing the right thing’ and “doing good” is part of Axis DNA. In every area of our business we think long-term and set standards for ourselves that go beyond what is legally required.


“Our business has grown through long-term relationships with customers and partners built on open, transparent, ethical business practices.”

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Audits to ensure supplier compliance

We can only claim to be meeting the high standards we set ourselves if we’re 100% sure every supplier meets the same standards.


We have put several mechanisms in place to ensure our suppliers understand and adhere to the behaviors and business practices we expect.

This is how