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Job Location Application deadline
Responsable de Comptes Partenaires Bagneux 30/11/2019
Erfaren C#/.NET-utvecklare Sweden - Lund 10-NOV-2019
UX Designer – Research & Development Sweden - Lund 31-OCT-2019
Kvalitetsdriven mjukvaruingenjör Sweden - Lund 08-NOV-2019
Partner Marketing Coordinator US-MA-Chelmsford 30-OCT-2019
Senior Frontend-utvecklare Sweden - Lund 01-NOV-2019
Regional Sales Manager, Central Canada Canada - ON - Toronto 01-DEC-2019
Engineering Manager – Mechanics Sweden - Lund 03-NOV-2019
National Sales Manager, Canada Canada - ON - Toronto 01-DEC-2019
UX Lead - Web/UX Sweden - Lund 05-NOV-2019
Marketing Intern, (Fall Semester) USA-FL-Ft. Lauderdale 30-SEP-2019
Industrial Lead, Temporary position Sweden - Lund 29-OCT-2019
Embedded Software Engineer, Core Platform Sweden - Lund 03-NOV-2019
R&D Firmware Manager - Fixed Dome Cameras Sweden - Lund 12-NOV-2019
Inside Sales Account Executive Melbourne, Australia
Master Thesis – Object Classification for radar data Sweden - Lund
Master Thesis – Machine Learning for Radar Interference mitigation Sweden - Lund
Key Account Manager Russia Moscow 25-OCT-2019
Sales Director Southern Europe Paris, France 31/10/2019
Master Thesis – Radar Signal Processing Sweden - Lund
Elektronikingenjör – System Products Sweden - Lund 04-NOV-2019
Experienced Embedded Software Developer Sweden - Lund 04-NOV-2019
Radar Signal Processing Engineer Sweden - Lund 04-NOV-2019
Marketing Coordinator - Solutions & Services, Canada Canada - ON - Toronto 01-DEC-2019
DevOps Testingenjör Sweden - Lund 03-NOV-2019
Radar Antenna Design Engineer Sweden - Lund 03-NOV-2019
Engineering Manager – Applications Access Control Solutions Sweden - Lund 31-OCT-2019
VoIP System Administrator, IT Operations Sweden - Lund 01-NOV-2019
Technical Services Representative (Bilingual preferred not required) US-MA-Chelmsford 15-OCT-2019
Multi Regional Key Accounts Manager - UK UK 31/10/2019
Events Management Coordinator - Maternity Cover Lund 31/10/2019
Salesforce developer - Sales & Marketing Business Integrations Sweden - Lund 27-OCT-2019
Industrial Lead Sweden - Lund 25-OCT-2019
Technical Services Representative - German & English speaking Sweden - Lund 26-OCT-2019
Environmental Engineer Sweden - Lund 29-OCT-2019
Technical Services Engineer - Russian & English speaking Sweden - Lund 26-OCT-2019
Technical Service Engineer - 1 Year Contract Melbourne, Australia 30/11/2019
Accounting Manager US-MA-Chelmsford 06-NOV-2019
Software developer, what thrills you? Sweden - Lund 28-OCT-2019
Field Sales Engineer, Central Canada Canada - ON - Toronto 01-DEC-2019
Inside Sales Account Manager - Nordics Lund 27/10/2019
Business Development Manager Lund 27/10/2019
Regional Sales Manager, NY/NJ USA - NY - Harlem 30-NOV-2019
Field Sales Engineer, Milwaukee USA - WI - Milwaukee 31-OCT-2019
Field Sales Engineer, Chicago USA - IL - Chicago 31-OCT-2019
Technical Services Engineer (Bilingual - Portuguese with English) US-MA-Chelmsford 30-Nov-2019
Experienced Software Engineer för Axis Developer Ecosystem Sweden - Lund 28-OCT-2019
Distribution Account Manager USA - IL - Chicago or MA - Chelmsford 31-OCT-2019
Inside Sales Account Manager, Chicago USA-IL-Chicago 31-OCT-2019
Project Purchaser, Sourcing – Operations Sweden - Lund 27-OCT-2019
Business Relationships Manager Moscow 08/11/2019
Inside Sales Account Manager - France Paris, France 15/11/2019
Global Partner Manager – Network Audio & Access Control Solutions Sweden - Lund 31-OCT-2019
Business Development Manager (2N), Canada Canada 01-NOV-2019
Marketing & Event Intern (Fall Semester) USA-IL-Chicago 15-NOV-2019
PCB Design Engineer – Research & Development Sweden - Lund 03-NOV-2019
Marketing and Events Intern (Fall Semester) USA-TX-Irving 15-NOV-2019
Key Account Manager Czech Republic and Slovakia Prague 15-NOV-2019
PDM/PLM-ingenjör Sweden - Lund 22-OCT-2019
Scrum Master - New Business Sweden - Lund 22-OCT-2019
Contract Manager – Research & Development Sweden - Lund 03-NOV-2019
Repair Development Engineer – Reverse Supply Chain, Operations Sweden - Lund 23-OCT-2019
Electronics Development Expert Sweden - Lund 20-OCT-2019
Key Account Manager (Critical Infrastructure) New Delhi, India 31/10/2019
Sales Engineer / Senior Sales Enginner Indonesia, Jakarta 24/07/2019
WPF expert Sweden - Lund 20-OCT-2019
Account Manager Manila, Philippines 30/11/2019
Technical Service Enigeer, Japan Tokyo, Japan 30/11/2019
Testingenjör Mobilappar Sweden - Lund 20-OCT-2019
Technical Service Engineer Singapore 31/10/2019
Technical Trainer, South Central USA-TX-Irving 28-Nov-2019
Technical Services Escalations Manager US-MA-Chelmsford 30-OCT-2019
Inside Sales Account Manager, Southeast USA-FL-Fort Lauderdale 28-Oct-2019
Distribution Analyst US-MA-Chelmsford
Accountant Singapore 31/10/2019
National Sales Manager Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 13-NOV-2019
Key Account Manager, End Customer - Brazil Brazil 27-SEP-2019
Bekommen Sie einen Fuß in die Tür eines multinationalen Unternehmens! Ismaning - Germany 25-OKT-2019
Customer Advocacy Program Specialist US-MA-Chelmsford 15-OCT-2019
Development Engineer - Specialist in Image Processing. Bagneux, Paris area 01/11/2019
Key Account Manager Melbourne - Australia 05-NOV-2019
Technical Services Engineer (Bilingual - French with English) USA-MA-Chelmsford 30-OCT-2019
Technical Trainer, West USA - CA - Irvine 31-OCT-2019
Channel Business partner US-MA-Chelmsford 29-OCT-2019
Solutions Business Development Manager South America - Brazil - São Paulo 06-OCT-2019
Technical Trainer, Mexico Mexico City, Mexico 29-NOV-2019
Channel Marketing Specialist US-MA-Chelmsford 30-SEP-2019
Technical Services Engineer-Tier II USA-MA-Chelmsford 30-OCT-2019
Key Account Manager, Canada Canada - ON - Toronto 01-NOV-2019
Master thesis – Synthetic training images for Machine Learning Sweden - Lund
Thesis - Making simple drones better using cameras Sweden - Lund
Thesis - Investigating map deltas in visual SLAM Sweden - Lund
Thesis - Aggregating and utilizing analytics data Sweden - Lund
Accountant, Financial Reporting US-MA-Chelmsford 30-OCT-2019
Master Thesis - Voltage Ripple and Noise Sweden - Lund
Master Thesis – Radar antenna and Radome Sweden - Lund
Area Sales Manager, Western Canada Canada - BC - Vancouver 01-NOV-2019
Master thesis – Efficient Active Speaker Design Sweden - Lund
General Thesis Application Sweden - Lund