Camera elements

Remote zoom, remote focus and pixel counter functions

These functions are used in some Axis network cameras and will make the camera installation more convenient.

Remote zoom

The remote zoom functionality allows the user to make final adjustments to the zoom from the computer. It provides a convenient way to ensure that the viewing angle is optimized for the scene and required need for resolution.

Left picture without zoom, right picture with remote zoom applied.

Remote focus

The remote focus function eliminates the need for manual focusing at the camera position and allowing the user to make key adjustments from the computer.

Left picture without focus, right picture with remote focus applied.

Pixel counter

The pixel counter provides the user with the ability to draw a rectangle on the screen to around an area of interest, such as where the faces of passing persons are expected to appear. The camera will give immediate feedback to the number of pixels that the sides of the rectangle represent.

The pixel counter thus allows the installer to easily verify that the camera installation fulfills any regulatory or specific customer requirements on pixel resolution, for e.g. the face of persons passing a doorway monitored by the camera, or for license plate recognition purposes.