Conflict minerals

Prevent conflict minerals in the value chain

Axis supports the electronics industry’s initiative to prevent trade in so-called conflict minerals, and complies with international trade rules as well as the trade organization Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition’s (EICC) recommendations and guidelines.

Tantalum, tin, gold and tungsten are called conflict minerals in cases where they originate from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and nearby countries, since armed conflicts are ongoing there, and mining operations often contribute to continued conflicts and result in human rights violations.

Guaranteeing that products are free from conflict minerals may be a challenge due to the complexity in tracing the source of the minerals.

In Axis’ Supplier Code of Conduct, the company’s suppliers undertake not to use conflict minerals. Axis requires suppliers to report the origin of minerals together with a documented routine showing how suppliers and their subcontractors work to ensure that the components only contain conflict-free minerals. In practice, suppliers must report if product components contain tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold and also identify all smelters in the value chain that supply the minerals. Suppliers are also responsible for ensuring that the report covers their subcontractors, and for keeping Axis updated.

Survey of conflict minerals

With the aim of eliminating conflict minerals, Axis has carried out a comprehensive survey where the company has described what minerals are contained in Axis products and where they come from, which is work that is continually ongoing.

More than 80% of Axis’ suppliers have reported via Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), where they have identified if tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold are found in their products, where they come from, if they have identified conflict-free sources, if they impose requirements on their subcontractors, and that they have reported how their internal processes look for handling the conflict mineral issue. In one case, a subcontractor of one of Axis’ suppliers has stated that tin came from a smelter in the Democratic Republic of the Congo conflict region. Axis has demanded that the supplier use alternative smelters for tin, in conflict-free regions.

The table shows to what extent the minerals are used in Axis’ products and the number of conflict-free smelters used by Axis’ suppliers. Many of Axis’ suppliers use more than one metal in components of Axis products. In line with receiving reports from suppliers, Axis will add more smelters to the list.

Suppliers’ metal usage

Suppliers using metal in components of Axis products 11 37 27 10
Smelters identified by Axis suppliers 28 221 215 68