Latest report by UITP and Axis reveals how video surveillance improve public transport

February 11, 2019
Thanks to increased digitalization, public transportation is now smarter and safer than ever, according to the latest UITP report.

Union Internationale des Transports Publics (UITP), and Axis Communications have partnered to conduct a new survey among public transport organizations, to get an in depth understanding into the usage of video surveillance within the sector. Some of the key findings from the report were:

  • There is a shift towards digital video surveillance systems with 82% of businesses now having a digital component to their systems.
  • More organizations are sharing videos with an average of 3.04 parties in 2015, while in 2018, the average rose to 3.4. The increase of sharing videos was shown in the following departments: “City surveillance centers” (10% to 22%), “Fire departments” (4% to 28%) and “Regional/national security centers” (5% to 12%).
  • Public support for video surveillance on public transport has grown since 2015 from 65% to 73% as consumers perceive the safety and security benefits as outweighing the threats to personal privacy.


If you’re considering a new or enhanced video surveillance solution or would like to find out more on its use within public transport, then please read more in this blog post.

Madeleine Eibrand
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