Homeland security

Prevent, protect, respond and recover

The Department of Homeland Security operates under a process, stated in its mission. This mission is to prevent and protect against potential threats, as well as respond to and recover from current ones. It is enabled by tactics, procedures, and technologies such as IP video surveillance.  

Whether it’s federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, or the private sector, Axis understands your needs to ensure public safety and security throughout the United States. A network video system from Axis can help to:

  • Fortify security, keeping our homeland a safe haven for citizens
  • Provide a means of resiliency to respond and recover from threats
  • Reinforce customs and exchange at our borders
  • Protect critical infrastructure such as dams, bridges and parks 


Solving border security challenges

The security of our borders is vital, but securing the nearly 104,000 miles of terrain that outline the United States is no easy feat. It is our first line of defense and leaves us faced with many challenges such as preventing and monitoring for:

  • Illegal entry
  • Contraband
  • Bioterrorism
  • Narcoterrorism

With the help of Axis’ products and solutions, we partner to provide full solutions  to make the whole country safer and more secure. As security management over networks expands and intelligence capabilities move out to the Edge through platforms such as AXIS Camera Application Platform, systems can scale more readily. The shift to an open platform empowers a much more productive and cost-effective means of surveillance – especially over vast distances – than was ever possible before.