Food protection

Food safety from farm to fork

Greater customer awareness of food quality and safety is raising expectations on companies to increase safety across all sectors of the food system - from farm to fork.

With a system in place that can prevent, protect and respond to activities that will compromise the integrity of the food supply chain you can minimize the risk that food under your control is subject to deliberate contamination and prevent severe economic and reputation damage.

  • Smart and reliable video surveillance
    Proactively prevent and deter deliberate tampering of food with intelligent video surveillance. Secure complex operations from production to storage to transportation with a system that provides immediate visual verification in any weather and lighting conditions.

  • Real time incident detection for quick and correct actions
    Benefit from real time analysis and monitoring for contaminations on the production line with a video system that can distinguishing real danger from false alarms effectively to immediately detect and secure affected products. 

  • Flexible and scalable system
    Secure food quality and safety from the perimeter to the critical areas with a solution that allows for easy integration with other systems, cameras that can operate in an integrated manner in any lighting conditions and in compliance with the privacy laws.