Signing the UN Global Compact

19 October 2021
At Axis Communications we know that we can have an impact on the welfare of not only those in our company, but everyone involved in our operations, which is why we decided years ago to lead by example and sign the UN Global Compact.

The bigger a company grows, the larger impact its operations will have on the future of the planet. That is why the United Nations created the UN Global Compact – a world-wide initiative for corporate sustainability. Under the agreement, more than 12,000 companies from more than 160 countries have pledged to follow and implement universal principles addressing human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption issues.

As well as working together towards a more sustainable future, joining the UN Global Compact has many key advantages for companies. For example, it offers the chance to network with the other participants, access the UN’s resources and expertise to build a solid sustainability strategy and, as a globally recognized sustainable company, the benefits of an increase of trust from their customers and other stakeholders.

In the next paragraphs, we’ll examine some of the principles that guide Axis and how they are implemented in the company’s structure.

No tolerance for corruption

Ray Mauritsson
Sound business practices are crucial for the future of a company, says Ray Mauritsson

Sound business practices are crucial for the future of a company, says Ray Mauritsson

All business relationships should be handled in a responsible, transparent, credible and consistent way. We work closely with our suppliers, distributors and other partners; this continual and long-term cooperation helps to ensure transparency and responsible business conduct along our entire value chain.

Among the measures put in place, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards all types of bribery and other forms of corruption. We act preventively and systematically to fight this problem, both in our own operations and in our relationships with suppliers, distributors and other partners.

“Sound business practices are crucial for the future of a company,” says Ray Mauritsson, Axis President and CEO “If your integrity is compromised, how do you expect to build a lasting relationship with your customers?”

Humane labor conditions

A company as big as Axis inevitably has a great impact on many people’s lives and wellbeing, creating job opportunities and being an important employer in many local markets; therefore, it is our long-term responsibility to make a positive contribution to society and invest in social initiatives.

The road of sustainability requires commitment and daily efforts

Social responsibility means fostering good working conditions, a safe and secure workplace characterized by equality and diversity, and human rights for employees in our company’s own operations. We have implemented policies that ensure workers with the same experience and position are paid equally, regardless of their gender or ethnicity, and we demand the same commitment for our global suppliers and partners.

Protecting the environment

We are striving to minimize the environmental impacts from our own operations and products and solutions. Most of our environmental impacts occur indirectly and are related to manufacturing, transportation of goods and the products’ and solutions’ energy consumption. Over the years we have increasingly taken measures to reduce this impact, for example by reducing the amount of PVC plastic in our products and using recyclable packaging materials.

“The road of sustainability requires commitment and daily efforts,” continues Ray Mauritsson, Axis President and CEO “There is still a long way to go, but we are confident that with the help of the whole Axis family – our employees, partners, suppliers and our end users – we’ll be able to build a smart and safer world for the next generations to live in.”

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