Video analytics

Partner video analytics

Axis network video products include our own Application Programming Interface VAPIX®, which facilitates the development of customized software solutions. This allows partners to develop applications – including intelligent video applications – that function with Axis network cameras and video encoders.

Development and distribution of “edge applications” is further facilitated by AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP). This open platform enables the development of compatible and reliable third-party applications that can be downloaded to cameras and video encoders, thus ensuring that users benefit from the market’s widest range of applications.

Examples of partner video analytics include:

Enterprise surveillance analytics: For demanding situations, such as the protection of airports and other critical infrastructure, Axis’ partners offer highly capable surveillance analytic applications with a wide range of detection scenarios and customization options.

Intelligent traffic analytics: Many traffic use cases, such as license plate recognition (LPR), vehicle counting, automatic incident detection and more, can be provided using video analytics running on the camera itself.

Business analytics for retail and other segments: Retail, public transportation, and many other service industries are discovering that video analytics can also bring added value to their organizations. People counting to track customer flows in retail stores, queue length monitoring at airports and retail checkouts, and occupancy counters for waiting areas are just some of the ways video analytics are benefiting stakeholders beyond the field of pure surveillance.