Site survey considerations

Site survey considerations

Establishing the purpose

The first step in designing a surveillance system must always be to define the purpose of the installation.

The most important steps in this process include interviewing the client and reviewing the site, to find out more about the business and its operations.

Example 1 - Purpose of surveillance system at Corporation A

  • Visual coverage of the property’s rear boundaries and fences in general, as well as at specific vehicle entrances, and to document authorized access and prevent trespassing.
  • Visual identification and documentation of all individuals entering and leaving the property through the south gate, to obtain an accurate count and identification of all individuals onsite in the event of an emergency.
  • Event-driven recordings outside business hours, to reduce bandwidth and storage in the network.ul>

Example 2 - Purpose of surveillance system at Corporation B

  • Cameras 1-4 to provide general documentation of activity in the area

  • The purpose of camera 5 is twofold:

    • Facial identification of all individuals entering via door 4 from 5:00 PM (17.00) to 07:00 AM (07.00). 

    • General monitoring of activity in the lobby at door 4 from 7:00 AM (07.00) to 5:00 PM (17.00).


Construction workers

Figure 1. A site survey will be of value when planning the surveillance system.

Site survey framework