Perfect pixel count

Use the model

Now that you have all the necessary information – it’s time to apply the method.

For the operational requirements for a given scene, we use the figures to identify the minimum resolution required. To recognize persons at a loading bay 10 m wide, we need a minimum of 125 px/m, or a total of 1250 pixels. So a camera with a horizontal resolution of 1280 pixels will be sufficient for the job.

In another example, a customer is monitoring an office space with an HDTV camera and wants to know the maximum width of a scene for identification. The camera’s resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels says that the maximum width of a scene for identification is 1920/5 px/cm = 384 cm.

At a lower resolution, the maximum scene width will be less. In a larger image, the capture line will be further back, thus providing a larger identification area.

This makes it easy for an integrator to show and clearly describe the scene in which customers can expect fulfillment of their requirements.

The Axis pixel counter