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ID FAQ115403

How do I access H.264 stream delivered by my Axis camera/ video encoder using Windows Media Player on a PC?

The primary method of accessing H.264 streams is through the Live View in the Axis product's web interface.

When accessing an H.264 stream from camera/video servers using Windows Media Player, a so-called ‘Ax protocol’ needs to be used.

Depending on the transmission method used, the following URLs' should be used:

Multicast RTP: axrtpm://IP/axis-media/media.amp
Unicast RTP: axrtpu://IP/axis-media/media.amp
RTP over RTSP: axrtsp://IP/axis-media/media.amp
RTP over RTSP over HTTP: axrtsphttp://IP/axis-media/media.amp
Unicast via RTSP, tunneled via HTTPS*: axrtsphttps://IP/axis-media/media.amp

IP = IP address.
* Only for products that support HTTPS. 

This applies to the products running firmware version 5.x and having support for H.264 streaming. 

This article applies to the following products: