AXIS Q87 Bispectral PTZ Camera Series

AXIS Q8741-E Bispectral PTZ IP Camera
Thermal and visual surveillance in one
  • One view - two bispectral video streams
  • One IP address
  • Detection, verification and identification
  • 360° endless pan and 135° from ground to sky
  • Thermal zoom models

See it all - day or night

Axis positioning cameras bring a powerful – and cost effective – combination of visual and thermal video streams in a single PTZ camera to border surveillance and other applications with similar requirements. You need just one camera and one IP address to benefit from long-distance thermal detection, visual identification and PTZ capabilities.

Aligned images day and night vision
AXIS Q8742-E Bispectral PTZ IP Camera mounted on wall from right

Swift and smooth

AXIS Q87 Bispectral PTZ Network Cameras let operators choose between really slow or super-fast pan (from 0.05 to 120 degrees per second) and tilt movement (from 0.05 to 65 degrees per second). So they get smooth and jerk-free panoramic viewing when they need it and can respond quickly to events. With thermal zoom models, you get 3x thermal zoom allowing you to detect a human as far as 3 km (3342 yards), according to Johnson's criteria. Visit the product page for detailed information. The long-distance detection is useful for mission critical usage, such as detecting vehicles or intruders from far. The cameras can be column-mounted, on poles or walls for a 360° panoramic view and a ground-to-sky view from -90° to +45°. They can withstand high winds when it’s in motion.

Fast and easy

AXIS Q87’ slim design and many available accessories let you install it anywhere you want. It has an SFP slot, so it supports cost-effective, long-distance fiber-optic connection. A 22 meter (72 feet) long, heavy-duty power cable is available as optional accessory. Designed for outdoor use, the cable has 3-wire, 12AWG and a jacket diameter of 10 mm (0.4 in).

trainyard rain

Outdoor ready

AXIS Q87 Series is made with material that are certified for IP66 and NEMA 4 ratings.  Furthermore, the cameras operate in temperatures from -50 ºC to 55 ºC (-58 ºF to 131 ºF). The cameras can withstand high winds when they’re in motion.


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    • AXIS Q8752-E Bispectral PTZ Camera
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    • AXIS Q8752-E Bispectral PTZ Camera - Installation Guide
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