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How can I record images/video from the video products?

Most Axis cameras* have built-in event handling that will upload images to a server based on scheduled or triggered events.

You may also use an external recording application, such as the AXIS Camera Station (Axis Camera Station One** supports recording for one camera/video encoder channel and is free of charge).
Axis software will also allow you to view and manage a large number of cameras (export video as .asf file possible as well).

If you need more advanced or specific recording tools, there is a wide range of third-party software solutions available for Windows and Linux platforms.

* AXIS 206 does not have built-in applications like FTP upload. The AXIS 207's firmware contains some of built-in applications and only one Event at a time can run on these.

 ** AXIS Camera Station One is no longer available starting with version 5 of AXIS Camera Station. Previous versions can still be found on this page. Please note that newer cameras and firmware may not work with older AXIS Camera Station versions, see the release notes for more detailed information.

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