Stations and depots - train at station

Stations and depots

Attracting passengers – increasing efficiency

There are multiple reasons for monitoring public transportation hubs where large amount of passengers pass every day. It is all about creating a safe and secure environment by efficiently identifying potential threats and staying one step ahead of vandalism and crime.

At stations, Axis network video solutions enable you to cost-effectively monitor:

  • Platform and boarding areas
  • Entrances and exits
  • Waiting hall
  • Commercial and parking areas
  • Rail tracks

Bringing unique advantages

You also benefit from a wide range of capabilities that enable you to provide an even safer and more efficient transportation environment. These include:

  • Automatic alerts when someone enters a restricted area – day or night
  • High-quality HDTV video images, facilitating investigations and identifications
  • Remote access to live and recorded video by any authorized person

Protecting your fleet and rolling stock

At the depots, Axis’ solutions make it easy to transfer the recorded video from the rolling stock to an archive. They also form an efficient and future-proof surveillance platform for the depot itself, offering:

  • Thermal cameras for efficient perimeter monitoring
  • Automated alerts, e.g. at motion, noise or camera tampering
  • The world’s broadest range of IP cameras, meeting any outdoor and indoor need