Why GDPR affects more than data processors and providers

6 August, 2018
The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an opportunity for companies to win back public trust. That’s why Axis Communications is the proud sponsor of a new Whitepaper on the topic: Smart GDPR assurance for a smarter world is an important and timely look at the implications of GDPR beyond the basic messaging.

While many are familiar with the provisions laid down for data processors and data controllers under the legislation, fewer understand its implications for hardware manufacturers and partners throughout the supply chain who must also prove they are building products and solutions that are “secure by design and default”.

Thanks to an extraordinary number of last minute compliance campaigns, GDPR has received much media attention. Reception has been positive, and other jurisdictions are now looking at GDPR as a model for sector regulation to build a smarter, safer world.

Find out more about how all stakeholders must work together to protect data and meet GDPR compliance:
Smart GDPR Report
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