From cybersecurity to sustainability: #AxisInnovates issue 9 available now

6 August, 2018
What technology trends are shaping the future of physical security, and how does Axis work with partners to ensure its products are used in ways that are compliant with the GDPR? Why are we investing in IP audio, and how does our sustainability policy support our business ethics and ensure long term growth?

These are just some of the exciting big questions we’re addressing in the latest issue of #AxisInnovates, our magazine for partners and customers which is available for free.

In this issue, #AxisInnovates addresses the topical challenge of school and stadium security, and we catch up with industry experts and guest authors to find out how IoT is creating opportunities in their sector. For example, Sebastian Blum of Dedrone, a company that monitors aerospace violations by drone pilots, tells us how networked cameras and sophisticated software identify potential threats.

#AxisInnovates shares news, trends and insights about the future of connected security products across Northern Europe. Axis believes that this helps its partners to plan their own business, cognisant of Axis’ future strategy, and gives them a competitive edge when it comes to creating solutions for their customers.

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#AxisInnovates issue 9
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