Axis PIR Motion Detectors

Enhanced motion detection, indoors and outdoors

  • Reliable detection in the dark and restricted areas
    (up to 12 m/40 ft)
  • Few false detections
  • Decrease storage and bandwidth

Accurate detection in the dark

Motion recording is an effective way to reduce storage and bandwidth in video surveillance. However, in some scenarios it is very difficult to get an accurate motion detection from the camera, such as in restricted areas and in total darkness. Thanks to the passive infrared technology used in Axis PIR Motion Detector Series, the detection can be more accurate, limiting false detection and reduce storage and bandwidth.

Flexible area of detection

The detectors offer different mounting possibilities, helping to direct the PIR towards the desired area of detection. The included mounting bracket supports a standard tripod thread, making it possible to use any camera stand supporting the same thread. The optional accessory, AXIS T91A10 Mounting Kit (including a clamp and a stand), helps to achieve a precise leveling of the detectors.

Be informed when it counts

Axis PIR Motion Detectors are specially designed to detect people presence and their movements. They are highly effective even in total darkness with few false detection accidents, avoiding triggers from streets or car lights, if the beams enter the detection area. The detectors are also insensitive to bugs, insects or rain.