Network door controllers

The migration of access control systems to a digital IP environment brings many of the same benefits that the video surveillance market experienced during the conversion of analog CCTV to network video.

Benefits include:

  • Freedom to mix and match best-of breed software
    Axis’ open API (Application Programming Interface) gives you the freedom to mix and match best-of breed hardware and software from a range of software partners.

  • Easy integration with other systems
    Easy integration with other IP systems such as video surveillance, fire and intrusion detection.

  • Standard IT equipment
    Existing network infrastructure and standard IT equipment can be used to save time and lower costs. You have the freedom to choose components – hardware and software – from virtually any vendor.

  • Support for Power over Ethernet
    A PoE supported controller at each door eliminates the need for separate power cables for door equipment such as locks and readers. This reduces the total installation cost. In addition, support for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) makes it possible to avoid having battery back-up for door equipment.

  • The central server or control unit can be eliminated
    The controller is a smart, independent device at each door, system management can be done from the controller.

  • Easy adminstration
    System management is made from any computer in the network.

 All Axis Access Control Products are conveniently available through Axis’ wide network of partners.