Two new all-in-one ceiling speakers expand on security, safety, and customer experience use cases

April 4, 2022
Axis Communications announces two new multipurpose, easy to integrate, all-in-one ceiling speakers, which can be used to proactively warn off intruders, deliver safety instructions, make general live or prerecorded voice messages, and be used to play background music.

AXIS C1210-E Network Ceiling Speaker and AXIS C1211-E Network Ceiling Speaker are all-in-one speakers that make audio announcements smart and easy. Differing only in size and sound pressure, both speaker systems are easy to integrate with video management software (VMS), VoIP telephony, analytics, and more. Like all Axis network audio devices, the new speakers connect to standard networks and use one network cable for both power and connectivity (Power over Ethernet).

Including a preconfigured digital signal processer (DSP), the speaker systems produce clear voice every time and feature a built-in microphone enabling remote health testing and 2-way audio talk-back.

AXIS C1210-E (large) and AXIS C1211-E (small) both offer flexible, discrete recessed ceiling installation with embedded audio management software that supports user, content, zone, and scheduling management. While typically used indoors, both speakers can also be installed in sheltered areas, such as under the eaves of buildings.

New features in both AXIS C1210-E and AXIS C1211-E include:

  • I/O ports, enabling integration with other systems and devices such as PIR sensors, buttons, strobe lights, and more.
  • Built-in and clearly visible LED to add visual status information
  • External microphone input,¬†allowing the use of an additional microphone in situations where the speaker is installed far from the audience
  • Both speaker systems are IP44¬†certified
  • A backbox that meets plenum requirements allowing for secure installation and helping to limit unwanted noise spreading above the ceiling
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