Hosting international Gerrit Hackathon

16 April, 2018
20 developers from around the world, with representatives from Google, Ericsson, SAP and Axis are gathered at Axis Headquarters in Lund, Sweden, this week to participate in the twice-yearly Gerrit Hackathon.

Companies worldwide are using Gerrit, the free web-based Source Code Management and Open Source code review tool, to facilitate the review, feedback and approval of coding made by developers in a team. A tool that makes an important step in software development both more efficient and cost-effective.


The hackathon, normally held by the Gerrit Open Source Community two times per year in Europe and North America, is this time hosted by Axis. The 16-20 of April, 20 software developers representing large well-known international companies, will meet to program under free conditions and to be inspired by each other’s coding skills.


Sven Selberg, developer at Axis Communications comments: “We are proud and happy that we can contribute to the Gerrit Open Source community by hosting the hackathon this year. We hope that it can be an inspiration for Axis developers and that we will contribute to developments of the tool.”

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