Axis cameras can now use audio and I/O connectivity without the functionality built-in

4 April, 2018
Axis has released AXIS T61 Audio and I/O Interface Series to enable audio and I/O connectivity to be added to Axis network cameras that don’t have this functionality built-in. Having the camera separate from the audio and I/O interface means all components can be discreetly placed in the optimum position, providing users with a flexible and cost-effective solution for adding audio and I/O to their system.

AXIS T61 Series key features:

  • Uses portcast, a unique technology that allows for audio and I/O to be transferred digitally over the network cable between the camera and the interface
  • Two-way audio to allow for both listening and broadcasting
  • No need for additional IP address or VMS license thanks to portcast technology
  • Power over Ethernet for AXIS T61 interface as well as camera


With AXIS T61 Series, installation is straightforward, and integration with an existing VMS is seamless. Customers only need to upgrade the camera’s firmware to enable portcast, and then the camera will act as if audio and I/O were built-in.


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