Top ten installation challenges

Top ten installation challenges

Installation tools can include both hand and power tools, as well as diagnostic equipment needed to perform the installation successfully and efficiently.


A standard selection of hand tools, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, hammer, cutters, and pliers can assist in the installation, as well as power tools such as drills, saws, and cutters. Other tools, such as measuring tools, levels and templates are also useful for a successful installation. A sufficiently sturdy ladder of the correct height to ensure safe installation is also required, though a power lift may also be used. Diagnostics or installation displays can also make a much more efficient installation. For more information on AXIS T8414 Installation Display, see AXIS T8414 Installation Display

These tutorials show the entire installation procedure, highlighting the important steps in detail, Installation tutorials

Axis online design tools

Axis offers a variety of tools to assist you when designing, selecting or installing our products. You can take advantage of our free tools at System design tools

Considerations during installation

For a successful installation, ensure the following:

  • The installer must ensure that he/she reads the included installation documentation.
  • The proper screwdriver, Allen wrench, etc. should be used, so as not to damage the mounting hardware.
  • The correct security tool should be used for vandal-resistant dome assemblies.
  • Ensure that all transport and packaging materials are removed from the dome assembly. This is very important especially for PTZ cameras, which is often packaged with a foam insert to protect the camera during transport.