Science and technology brought to life for young people in Sussex

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27 August, 2018 - Luton, United Kingdom
Alongside Gatwick Airport, Axis attended The Big Bang Fair South East to encourage tomorrow’s workforce to take part in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) initiatives.

Axis Communications, the market leader in network video technology, recently showcased its innovative security systems at The Big Bang Fair South East. Event organisers wanted to bring science and engineering subjects to life for young people in the region. As the only vendor supporting headline sponsor Gatwick Airport at the event, Axis demonstrated its pioneering security technology designed to facilitate a smarter, safer world for all industries, including aviation.

The technology on show was specifically chosen for its capabilities in enhancing the security of airports both at the perimeter and within their confines. This included the AXIS Q8742-LE Bispectral PTZ Network Camera, which was demonstrated by Axis’ partner Line Management Group. The device features two excellent cameras, one of which is a thermal camera with outstanding contrast for reliable detection during night and day, and in all weather conditions.

The visual camera has Wide Dynamic Range – Forensic Capture for increased clarity and detail in scenes. This was complemented by sensor technology from another Axis partner, Southwest Microwave. Children were encouraged to bang on wire fencing, on which sensor technology alerted the AXIS Q8742-LE to a potential intruder. The camera swivelled to direct its focus to the part of the fence where the alert was triggered, searching for signs of activity.

Lucas Young, Business Development Manager, Transport at Axis Communications, summarised, “We’ve all heard the warnings about a lack of STEM skills, particularly in the UK. That is why an event such as this is hugely successful in getting young people interested in science and technology subjects.
For Axis, we could see that speaking to students about how physical security systems operate in our new IoT world had a real impact.”

Lucas Young continued, “The technology we innovate is designed not only to make our world safer, but also smarter. The example we showcased alongside Line Management Group focussed on airport perimeter protection. The scenario was designed to highlight that a surveillance camera is more than just a security camera. It’s a smart device, an IoT device, cleverly manufactured to operate on an IT network. This enables it to work with other systems, such as the Southwest Microwave sensor, showcasing how it reacts to its external environment to ensure the protection of a site.”

Axis was delighted to support the event’s headline sponsor, Gatwick Airport, one of the region’s largest employers. Gatwick Airport aimed to pique the next generation of workers’ interest in STEM subjects, which could in turn help them play a key role in the airport’s future. Alongside a display of innovate IP cameras, access control and audio devices, the Gatwick Airport Zone showcased how security teams manage 70,000 departing passengers per day and keep the 45 million passengers that move through the airport each year safe from harm.

Alex Webber, IT Development Specialist at Gatwick Airport, said, “The young people of today are critical to the success of Gatwick Airport in the future. As the UK’s second largest airport, and the most efficient single-runway airport in the world, you can imagine that the IT, engineering and security skills required to keep Gatwick running are enormous. Encouraging our children to learn about IT, technology and security not only ensures jobs for them in the future, but also guarantees the demand for skills will be met when their time comes.”

Axis Communications taking part in The Big Bang Fair South East.


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