Innovative radar solution reduces false alarms and keeps shoppers safe

9 November 2018
Security false alarms result in unnecessary call-outs and therefore costs. A shopping centre in Stockholm wanted to provide a safe shopping experience for customers, prevent unauthorised intruders from entering through the façade and reduce the number of false alarms. It turned to Axis' partner InSupport Network Video for help, which deployed an IP-based radar solution from Axis Communications.

The AXIS D2050-VE Network Radar Detector was deployed to complement an existing surveillance solution that included the AXIS Q1615-E and perimeter protection analytics technology. The façade surveillance solution means being able to specify alarm limits at a certain height above street level, so people can pass by at ground level without triggering the alarm. The solution is also difficult to tamper with compared to cameras, which can be manipulated and disrupted by intruders to prevent monitoring.

Fredrik Westin, CEO of InSupport, said: “Businesses save money by reducing false alarms and unnecessary call-outs. The radar technology is accurate and can be set precisely for how and when the alarm should be triggered.”

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