The Power of One: The advantages of a single-vendor solution

4 August 2022
David Needham, EMEA Business Development Programme Manager, explains the concept of the Power of One and how it unlocks many benefits for end users and system integrators.

Can you explain the Power of One concept from Axis?

The Power of One from Axis is an idea that aims to address a common frustration when it comes to the installation of new systems and the problems associated with integration. Commonly, this entails finding that hardware is either not supported by the video management software (VMS), or that there are software delays which result in an inability to access a device’s full functionality. This means additional costs and inconvenience for both the end user and system integrator while such problems are resolved. The Power of One refers to one solution from one vendor; with one user interface; one license for each device; one point of contact for support; and one design tool. This means full system compatibility and a far simpler arrangement that removes the frustration and delivers peace of mind.


How does AXIS Camera Station bring a single-vendor solution to life?

Axis Camera Station, our video and access management software, facilitates control of an entire system, whether viewing footage, playing back for analysis or downloading. It’s incredibly versatile. It’s also a misconception that the interface is only useful for capturing and analysing network video. In fact, IP audio, intercom devices, body-worn cameras, radar and even our strobe sirens can all be controlled using the highly versatile software. The addition of smart-search functionality, health monitoring and video redaction capabilities, all included as standard, completes a solution packed with smart functionality at incredible value for money. Axis Secure Entry, also included at no additional cost, provides full access control from the same interface, enabling user credentials to be simply added or removed and the status of doors to be checked.


The Power of One refers to one solution from one vendor; with one user interface; one license for each device; one point of contact for support; and one design tool. This means full system compatibility and a simple arrangement that removes frustration and delivers peace of mind.


How are licenses and fees calculated when opting for a single-vendor solution from Axis?

With Axis Camera Station, you simply pay for one licence for each device. One camera is one licence, one radar is one licence, and so forth. This makes our licencing model incredibly easy to understand, and from the perspective of our partners, easier to quote to their customers. In terms of hidden extras, there are actually no additional costs and no annual software maintenance fee. Any future updates to Axis Camera Station can simply be downloaded from and used to update the system at a time to suit the installer or customer.


How is the solution supported, and are there restrictions in certain countries or territories?

There is a single point of support for the entire system, including video, audio, access control and any other Axis devices. The vast majority of Axis devices are covered by a 5-year warranty for complete peace of mind, with no administration, emails or registration required. Axis’ technical support teams cover all regions and time zones, offering support by phone, email and even online chat, which is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, providing the best possible support. Partners and end-customers can gain extra assurance from the knowledge that AXIS Camera Station is currently installed in tens of thousands of sites around the world, with more than one million Axis security and surveillance devices attached, providing the highest levels of comprehensive protection.


How does AXIS Site Designer complement the Power of One approach?

AXIS Site Designer supports the single-vendor approach by facilitating the design of your entire Axis system. It is a powerful free-to-use tool that enables an entire solution to be designed and tested virtually, including devices, recording equipment as well as accessories such as camera brackets, which are often overlooked. Design projects could encompass video, audio, access control, radar and analytics software, for example. Furthermore, a wide variety of outputs can be generated including bandwidth reports, sales quotes, a bill of materials, a system proposal and even maps to show the area that the devices will cover. The Power of One concept, brought to life through a single-vendor approach from Axis, represents a further step towards the creation of a smarter, safer world.    

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The Power of One
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