Supporting Axis partners with dedicated tools for project success

9 May 2022
Axis’ innovative and popular tools help partners to solve even the most challenging and complex problems with quick and efficient deployment to satisfy customer demand.

Creating the perfect surveillance system isn’t always straightforward. Every project is different and requires a unique selection of components. And with a vast range of network video, access control and audio solutions to choose from, it can be challenging to design and implement a system that perfectly meets the needs of the end user. The perfect solution exists, but determining project scope, designing, and then specifying such systems can be an arduous task.

At Axis, we strive to make the process of deploying a new IP security solution a smarter, more seamless experience for both the integrator and the end customer. That’s why we offer a complete suite of online support tools to help our partners achieve project success and win happy, longstanding customers. Axis online tools provide significant opportunities for partners to find exactly the right solution; having the right tools saves time at every project stage, from design and quotation to installation and completion.

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Tools for security-system planning

When partners require support to plan and optimise systems, Axis has the tools that can help them choose the most suitable device for the application, while Axis support teams will advise on the best placement of each and every device and component. Below we look at some of the most popular tools and their benefits for efficient planning, smarter design and quicker installation:

AXIS Site Designer

This is the only tool our partners need to help them successfully and seamlessly design a surveillance system, from draft to completion. Whether managing single or multiple locations across sites large or small, map functionality allows camera placement and coverage to be determined with ease. This intuitive and easy-to-use tool streamlines design, quotation and installation workflow, making projects faster and easier to create, revise or implement.

The tool facilitates sharing of notes and documents with those installing the system, and device settings can be configured directly to AXIS Camera Station. This means that customers can be confident of receiving a solution with access to the latest software updates and firmware upgrades. AXIS Site Designer is the perfect design tool for any security and surveillance project.

AXIS Product Selector

During the quotation and design phase of a project, it can be difficult to select exactly the right device from such a wide range of available products. AXIS Product Selector is continuously updated to include all available Axis products, making it an essential and comprehensive tool when planning and designing an installation. It can be used as an online catalogue for instant access to product features and facts. It also allows product searches to be filtered, making it easier and quicker to find and compare products in only a few simple steps.

AXIS Lens Calculator

The AXIS Lens Calculator helps to determine the effectiveness of a camera for any number of tasks. Camera models can be selected, and coverage tested, based on distance. Values are calculated automatically and the required pixel density can be specified easily. The tool will also help partners choose the right camera and lens selection for specific tasks, from simply detecting motion to more complex requirements, such as identifying people.

Tools for management of devices and systems

Updating and maintaining surveillance systems, especially large systems with thousands of components, can be complex and time consuming. Customers do not want to compromise the security of their systems, but manually updating each camera’s settings is not a productive use of time. Here are just a few tools that will keep devices and systems updated and optimised:

AXIS Device Manager

An essential tool for large-scale projects, AXIS Device Manager simplifies the installation and management of all devices connected within the security system, from configuration of new devices to installing upgrades to an existing system. Instead of having to update devices one at a time, batch updates can handle several thousand devices located across multiple sites. This saves a great amount of time and takes the hassle out of the device management process.

AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect

This suite of plugins allows fast and easy access to all built-in camera functions. Examples include dewarping functionality, making it possible to use any Axis 360-degree panoramic camera in a Milestone XProtect system, and Forensic Search, facilitating simple analysis of metadata-rich video evidence to pinpoint objects and people, and highlight incidents.

AXIS Camera Station Device Compatibility Tool

This tool allows the compatibility of third-party network video products to be checked against AXIS Camera Station 5 and above. Rather than installing and running a trial version of AXIS Camera Station to check whether devices are compatible, the tool provides partners with a quick and simple method of testing and verifying.

Axis online tools have been designed to help partners overcome real-life customer challenges, resulting in better security solutions for a smarter safer world.


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