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13 January 2020
How can you protect your premises if you are a small, medium or large company – without any fuss? Peter Currie, Regional Key Account Manager at Axis Communications, looks at three different user cases with end-to-end solutions from Axis – all based on the AXIS Camera Station video management software (VMS).
Peter Currie + ACS


User case 1 – a small school

A school was experiencing difficulties with their visitor management. The aim was to keep the children secure and protect the school premises while being accessible to visitors during school hours and outside of hours when the facilities are used by the local community.

To address the issue, the school deployed Axis network cameras with the AXIS Camera Station VMS and an Axis door station in the main entrance and in the reception. Viewing terminals were placed in the school office and at the site managers’ offices to provide an overview of the school for general observation and allow direct communication with visitors arriving at the school entrance.

Axis door station

During out of school hours, the site manager is able to take video intercom calls, open doors to grant access to the premises and view all cameras on campus via the easy-to-use app on their mobile phone. The set-up means that the site manager can easily carry out duties around the site while still protecting the school.
With this solution, the school is managed more efficiently. As the system encourages community usage of the school facilities, the solution has also helped generate additional revenue.


User case 2 – a car dealer, medium-sized business

Much like the school, a mid-sized car franchise chain was experiencing problems with keeping their premises secure outside of normal business hours. The car dealer wanted to keep the forecourt with the stock accessible at all hours for potential customers – without risking theft or damage. As the cars are very valuable, it was crucial to monitor the site while still allowing people on the forecourt to view the cars during out of office hours.

While remote site monitoring solutions have been around for some time, inaccurate detection – including false alarms or missed alerts – has been a problem. The dealership selected AXIS Camera Station VMS as it provides a seamless integration to Axis video analytics, radar detection and thermal cameras to ensure highly accurate detection in all weather conditions. The end-to-end solution could detect intrusion into the environment and allow operators to keep an eye on the forecourt. The detection devices provide information to the remote monitoring centre that a person has entered the forecourt. Based on this information, the operator can assess whether the person is a customer or a potential threat. If the operator is unsure of the nature of the ‘visitor’, they can continue to view him or her to make sure the cars remain safe.  

Axis IP Horn Speakers were added to the solution to provide an audio challenge possibility for the monitoring centre. It allowed the operators to inform visitors to the site that they were being monitored. This seamless integration between Axis products meant that the solution could easily be deployed and maintained.

With the trouble-free and easy-to-use AXIS Camera Station remote monitoring app, the car dealer was able to keep the site secure outside of normal working hours. The false alarms were kept at a minimum, lowering the monitoring costs, and damage to stock and premises was significantly reduced. The dealership is a long-term user and an advocate for Axis end-to-end security solutions.


Axis thermal camera

User case 3 - a scrap metal recycler

Another long-term user of AXIS Camera Station is a global scrap metal recycler and metal dealer. They collect scrap metal and other precious waste from a range of sources for reuse and refinement. The user was experiencing problems with fires at the site – a highly hazardous environment. The fires were very costly and could rage for a long time.

They decided to use AXIS Camera Station VMS as it suited their requirements for an easy-to-use solution, which could be remotely monitored and easily rolled out to multiple sites. It was also important that the solution supported the complete Axis product portfolio and that it was open for integration with other types of systems and data sources as the business had complex sites requiring numerous different cameras and detection devices. Another requirement was close collaboration with the manufacturer to help them with any emerging risks.

By installing Axis thermal cameras providing accurate scene temperature information, the user now receives an early warning of potential fire risks at their sites. Set temperature thresholds are used as triggers, creating alerts and interactions with other sub systems. This means that the scrap dealer can get information on any hot spots and temperature changes where they previously couldn’t be seen and take appropriate action.


AXIS Camera Station Video Management Software

For these businesses and many others, it is crucial to be able to protect and secure their premises – without losing focus of the core business. Regardless of the size and nature of the business, AXIS Camera Station offers a simple end-to-end solution to ensure on-site security. The flexible and easy-to-use software is built with the user in mind. The clear graphical user interface makes it easy for anyone to manage incidents and take appropriate action, so they can focus on running their business.

Axis products are designed from the outset with consideration of how they will function and interact with AXIS Camera Station video management software. We talk a lot about integration between products, but in truth it’s more about interaction as all Axis products & software work so well together, it provides a verified solution that guarantees results – not only on implementation, but later on when firmware updates are required. This is traditionally when integration can be problematic with firmware changes, which in effect can break the integration.”

— AXIS Camera Station user


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