Access denied – How Axis delivers maximum cybersecurity through a device’s lifecycle

18 August 2022
Steven Kenny, EMEA Architect & Engineering Program Manager, explains why cybersecurity is top of the agenda when pioneering advanced physical security solutions

We all know cybersecurity presents a real challenge in our industry.

If there is one lesson the proliferation of highly publicised data breaches has taught us, it’s that cybersecurity must be top of the agenda for every organisation that connects technologies to a network.

But we’ve also learned that there is no magic bullet. There is no one single solution to the cybersecurity conundrum. There is no such thing as 100% secure.

So, to deliver maximum cybersecurity we need to carefully analyse every stage of a product’s lifecycle, from development to decommission. Yet we cannot solely focus on fortifying products, as to do so doesn’t take into consideration the manner in which modern security breaches often arise. Maximum cybersecurity also means educating members of your team, choosing trusted technology, and maintaining strong processes throughout a device’s journey.

That’s where Axis can help. Our team of developers and system engineers go to great lengths to guarantee our devices are designed, developed, deployed and maintained in adherence to best-practice cybersecurity principles. Furthermore, our cybersecurity approach is designed to ensure our processes remain transparent, and we can deliver the necessary knowledge and tools to our partners and end customers regarding how to use network video, access control and audio technology in the safest way possible.

Join the Axis online event, Solving the Cybersecurity Conundrum, on Friday 23rd September to learn more about Axis’ approach to cybersecurity. During the event, we’ll discuss:

  • Why cybersecurity must be prioritised when deploying network technologies
  • The ramifications of a cybersecurity breach
  • The Axis Product Security Lifecycle and Security Development Model (ASDM)
  • AXIS Device Manager and AXIS Device Manager Extend
  • Plus much more

The role of responsibility and ethics in cybersecurity

At Axis, we take great pride in operating responsibly. We consider it our duty to do all we can to mitigate cyber risk in any video surveillance, access control or IP audio solutions. Our business is built on delivering innovative technology that supports end users to operate safely and smartly.

For us, operating responsibly means more than creating a secure product and putting it out into the market. It means building strong relationships with our partners so they trust our technology will be the right choice for their customer. It also means delivering partners and users the required knowledge, training and tools to efficiently manage those devices in the field and ensure cybersecurity is sustained during their entire lifecycle.

Axis Cybersecurity Essentials – A 360° cybersecurity view

Axis Cybersecurity Essentials support this process. We’ve developed a collection of tools, content and training that will help you implement a 360° approach to cybersecurity. By integrating our tools into your cybersecurity policies, you can mitigate risk from installation to decommission.

Tools such as AXIS Device Manager and AXIS Device Manager Extend, for example, deliver a clear oversight of all IP security devices attached to the network, making it incredibly simple for security installers and system administrators to perform security and maintenance tasks in bulk. In addition, the Axis Hardening Guide provides a simple, step-by-step guide advising how to spot the symptoms of poor cyber health, how to protect your data and network, and how to instil a culture of cybersecurity within your business. As part of our responsible ethos and mission to achieve a safer world, tools and resources such as these are freely available. You can learn more about our approach to cybersecurity and the tools available to you at our upcoming cybersecurity online event.

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