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Title Language Date
Сетевые тепловизионные камеры: Повышение эффективности видеоанализа Russian May 2020
Whitepaper "Cybersicherheit - Die größte Herausforderung für den Einzelhandel" (April 2020) German May 2020
Flexible and reliable recording solutions: Edge storage English March 2020
Wide Dynamic RangeSoluzioni WDR con valore forense Italian December 2019
Bitrate control for IP video: Average bitrate (ABR), variable bitrate (VBR), and maximum bitrate (MBR) English December 2019
Lightfinder: Resultados extraordinarios en condiciones de iluminación complicadas Spanish November 2019
Sensor size and image quality in 4K cameras English October 2019
Lightfinder: Prestazioni straordinarie in condizioni di illuminazione difficili Italian July 2019
Firmware signé, démarrage sécurisé et stockageTPM de clé dans les produits Axis French July 2019
Guide explicatif des fiches techniques AxisAgréments, certifications et protocoles French June 2019
Guida rapida alle schede tecniche AxisApprovazioni, certificazioni e protocolli Italian June 2019
Amplo alcance dinâmicoSoluções WDR para agregar valor forense Portuguese, Brazil June 2019
Guía rápida de las fichas técnicas de AxisHomologaciones, certificaciones y protocolos Spanish May 2019
Lightfinder: 까다로운 조명 조건에서 탁월한 성능 보장 Korean May 2019
Lightfinder - Herausragende Leistung bei schwierigen Lichtverhältnissen German May 2019
Lightfinder - Um desempenho impressionante em condições difíceis de luminosidade Portuguese, Brazil May 2019
Axis 데이터시트 퀵 가이드승인, 인증, 프로토콜 Korean May 2019
Video data as evidence - Securing video data integrity with AXIS Camera Station English May 2019
Технология Lightfinder: Высочайшее качество изображения в условиях сложного освещения Russian May 2019
Lightfinder: Pour des performances exceptionnelles en conditions d’éclairage défavorables French April 2019
Lightfinder: 困難な照明条件の下でも群を抜く性能を実現 Japanese April 2019
尋光者: 在惡劣的光線條件下表現出色 Chinese, Simplified April 2019
觅光者 (Lightfinder): 不良光线条件下,性能依然出色 Chinese, Simplified April 2019
Axisデータシート用クイックガイド認証、認定およびプロトコル Japanese April 2019
安迅士資料表快速指南認可、認證及傳輸協定 Chinese, Simplified April 2019