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Title Language Date
Axis 비디오 분석: 영상 감시 효율성 향상 Korean August 2018
Axis 모바일 스트리밍 Korean June 2015
Axis 데이터시트 퀵 가이드승인, 인증, 프로토콜 Korean May 2019
Axis 影像分析: 提升影像監控效率 Chinese, Simplified August 2018
Axis Zipstream-Technologie: Am Speicher sparen. Nicht an der Qualität. German April 2018
Axis Zipstream 기술: 품질을 훼손하지 않고 저장 공간을 절약하십시오. Korean April 2018
Axis Zipstream technology: Cut the storage, not the quality. English October 2021
Axis Secure Remote Access English March 2019
Axis people-counting technologies - aspects for system integrators and end customers English September 2020
Axis Mobile Streaming English June 2015
Axis hardening guide English June 2020
Axis Guide to Image UsabilityComparison of IP- and analog-based surveillance systems English February 2014
AXIS Guardian Data security and GDPR English June 2018
AXIS Guardian - Secure cloud-based services 24/7 English March 2019
Axis firmware management English September 2018
AXIS Device Manager Extend를 이용한 장치 수명 주기 관리 Korean April 2021
AXIS Device Manager Extendによるデバイスのライフサイクル管理 Japanese April 2021
Axis body worn system - system security English June 2020
Analyse du coût total depossession (Engl. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) study, Enterprise City surveillance) French July 2016
Análisis del coste total depropiedad (CTP) (Engl. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) study, Enterprise City surveillance) Spanish July 2016
Amplo alcance dinâmicoSoluções WDR para agregar valor forense Portuguese, Brazil June 2019
AIによるビデオ分析 - 機械学習(マシンラーニング)と深層学習(ディープラーニング)に基づく分析に関する考慮事項 Japanese May 2021
AI in video analytics - Considerations for analytics based on machine learning and deep learning English April 2021
Acquisizione delle targhe Italian July 2021
A commitment to sustainable values English December 2018