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Auditors are elected by the AGM. At the AGM 2017, like the AGM 2016, Ernst & Young Aktiebolag were elected as auditors with Johan Thuresson as auditor in charge for the period until the end of the next AGM. Thuresson (born 1964) has been an Authorized Public Accountant since 1995. 

At the AGM 2017, shareholders representing approximately 10.2 percent of the shares in the company, proposed that a special examiner should be appointed by the Swedish Companies Registration Office, with specified examining areas. For a more explicit description of the auditing areas, see the communiqué from the AGM 2017. The proposal was supported by shareholders representing more than one tenth of all the shares in the company and shareholders have applied for the appointment of a special examiner by the Swedish Companies Registration Office where after such a special examiner has been appointed.