Proven on some of the busiest roads in the world

The number of traffic management centers that rely on Axis traffic monitoring solutions increases every year.
Take part of some of their experiences and improved ways of working.

City of Dubuque

United States

City of Dubuque steers the future of traffic safety towards IP technology

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City of Ostrava

Czech Republic

Municipal traffic camera system in Ostrava featuring 300 network cameras provides for safety and smooth traffic at 59 key junctions

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Security cameras cover more than 1000 kilometers on highways leading to Bogotá

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Tyne Tunnel

United Kingdom

New tunnels monitored by IP-based surveillance help improve notorious traffic blind spot.

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Metro Manila Development Authority


Solution gives live traffic updates and assists in accident investigations

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ForumP Parking Garage


Using equipment from Axis, combined with advanced technology for identifying license plates, ASAN Security Technologies Ltd. has enhanced security and improved service in some of Finland’s biggest parking facilities

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