AXIS FA1080-E Thermal Sensor Unit

Outdoor-ready thermal sensor unit

  • Reliable thermal detection 24/7

  • Possibilities for multi-channel setup

  • Two variants with a choice of lenses

  • For use with AXIS FA54 Main Unit

  • Outdoor-ready, discreet sensor unit

AXIS FA1080-E offers all the benefits of thermal imaging at a price that’s within reach. Used together with AXIS FA54 Main Unit and analytics such as AXIS Fence Guard, it reliably detects people, vehicles, and objects regardless of light conditions or attempts at camouflage.

Protect your property with thermal imaging

AXIS FA1080-E creates images based on the heat that radiates from an object, vehicle, or person. And, because thermal cameras are less sensitive to lighting conditions, such as shadows, backlight, darkness, and camouflaged objects, you are guaranteed reliable images. It’s possible to build a flexible perimeter protection solution using Axis analytics, such as AXIS Motion Guard, AXIS Fence Guard, and AXIS Loitering Guard together with a modular solution with four thermal cameras. This could be useful for outdoor environments, such as at construction sites to protect containers with valuable materials. Modular thermal cameras help keep the area safe in a cost-efficient way while reducing the number of false alarms.

Mix thermal and visual imaging all in one

This sensor unit can be used in a single or multi-channel setup to create a flexible, tailored approach to surveillance depending on your needs – indoors or out. Using AXIS FA-Series, you can use up to four sensor units, together with AXIS FA54 Main Unit. It also allows you to mix, for instance, thermal cameras with visual cameras where the sensor unit can be used for intruder detection. This means you can place a visual sensor unit in the same area to verify if there is a threat.

Flexible and discreet 

This compact, discreet unit can be mounted behind surfaces, on walls, recessed, or inside a bullet-shaped accessory. Together with AXIS FA54 Main Unit, the setup supports Zipstream, analytics, HDMI support for connection to a surveillance or public viewing monitor (PVM), and audio input/output ports. Plus, four configurable input/output ports allow you to connect to external devices such as door locks and lights for handling alarm events and local storage.

Please note, AXIS FA1080-E Thermal Sensor Unit is supported only by AXIS FA54 Main Unit firmware 9.30 or later.

A choice of lenses for wide and narrow views

AXIS FA1080-E is available in two variants with a choice of lenses to meet your specific requirements. A 2.2 mm lens offers a 63 degrees field of view for a wider view that covers more of the scene, and a 4 mm lens with a viewing angle of 36 degrees for capturing narrower fields of view with longer detection distances.

Distance ranges

Distance ranges


Horizontal viewing angle

Detection of a human: 
1.8 x 0.5 m 

Detection of a vehicle:    
4 x 1.5 m 

Detection (1.5 pixels on target) 

4 mm


166 m

182 yards 

511 m

559 yards 

2.2 mm



110 yards 

309 m

337 yards 

Recognition (6 pixels on target) 

4 mm


41 m

45 yards 

127 m

139 yards 

2.2 mm


25 m

27 yards 

77 m

84 yards 

The ranges are calculated with Johnson’s criteria and they are purely theoretical. The values may vary in different weather conditions. For detailed information about Johnson’s criteria, please read the white paper.

All software isn't compatible with all products, please refer to the data sheets for compatibility information.

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