Canon accessories

Axis sells and supports Canon accessories in EMEA, USA & Canada

These accessories are designed to fit with Canon cameras and enable the cameras to be mounted in various indoor and outdoor situations.


Download  datasheets and manuals.

Domes & Dome kits

Canon DU10-S-VB Smoked Dome

Canon DU640-S-VB Smoked Dome

Canon PC30-VB Pendant Kit

Canon SR600-VB Recessed Mount

Canon PA10-15-VB Pipe Adapter 1.5"

Canon SR11-P-VB Recessed Mount

Canon SR640-S-VB Recessed Mount

Canon CB740-VB Conduit Back Box

Canon PC640-VB Pendant Kit

Canon CA640-VB Conduit Adapter

Canon SR11-S-VB Recessed Mount

Canon PS600-VB Junction Box Plate

Canon HU600-VB Heater

Canon DR41-VB Indoor Dome Housing

Canon PA-V18 AC Power Supply

Canon PC600-VB Pendant Kit

Canon SS30-VB Mounting Spacer

Canon PS30-VB Junction Box Plate

Canon WM10-VB Wall Mount

Canon SR640-P-VB Recessed Mount, Fire resistant

Canon HU641-VB Heater

Canon HU641-VB Heater

Canon SR30-P-VB Recessed Mount

Canon SS40-VB Ceiling Mount Cover

Canon CM10-VB Ceiling Mount

Canon SC640-VB Weather Shield Kit

Axis sells Canon products

Axis sells Canon cameras in EMEA, USA & Canada.