A gold standard partnership to help monitor and minimise battery storage risk

November 22, 2021
Samantha Borland, from Pointer, explains the use of innovative temperature detection technology from Axis to revolutionise battery storage while improving health and safety.

Can you provide some background to your company?

Pointer is a family-owned business specialising in electronic fire and safety systems that will soon be celebrating its 50th anniversary. At Pointer we work in the utility, custodial and retail sectors. We regularly deliver large scale installation projects and provide ongoing maintenance and support packages to our clients who have sites across the UK, from Shetland to the south coast of England. We have dedicated project managers, project delivery teams and service and maintenance teams, and many of my colleagues have been with the business for over 10 years.

What are the benefits to you and your customers from the partnership with Axis?

Our in-depth sector experience gives us an understanding of what our customers require, and the ability to make recommendations about the types of technology that will meet their needs. We need to employ security technologies that carry a hallmark of quality and are backed by industry expertise, so that we know we’re providing the best possible solution. Pointer is a long term Axis partner and enjoy a close working relationship with our clients.

It’s extremely important to work with a manufacturer that we can trust; that sources its components and materials responsibly and that has a real focus on innovation. We have found that partner in Axis.

It’s a company that is constantly thinking about how its solutions can be utilised to meet a range of needs across multiple industries with a wealth of cameras and technology. It also cares about its partner base and strives to help partners like us keep our customers satisfied.

Can you explain your work with the battery storage industry and the role of Axis’ solutions?

The battery storage facility we are currently working on stores the energy from windfarms in lithium-ion batteries which are located in a large battery hall. The site is one of the largest battery storage sites in the UK, with energy being collected and stored across a vast area. AXIS Q2901-E temperature alarm cameras are used to constantly monitor the environment around the battery racks, with an alarm set to trigger if the temperature either goes above a set threshold, or if it increases too rapidly. Due to the nature of lithium-ion battery fires, a comprehensive fire detection system is required, as prevention is key.

While other manufacturers offer heat detection, what sets Axis apart is the alarm function and the durability of the cameras.

In addition, there are Axis’ surveillance cameras mounted at the entrance and within the main lobby, providing video security as part of a wider solution for this facility.

How does this solution help to meet industry requirements?

We always strive to meet and operate within industry regulations. Within the battery storage industry we have found that many of these regulations are still in development, which means that businesses are currently not obliged to put the appropriate measures in place to protect their battery installations. We’re working closely with a battery storage consultant to understand what the regulations and standards that are being developed might look like, and are confident that once such measures do come into effect, we’re already operating in such a way that will meet those requirements. The scalable nature of our solution also means that it can be altered and configured as legislation evolves, making it fluid, dynamic and future proof.

What are your plans for the future in relation to supporting the battery storage industry?

With considerable experience working in both the electrical power distribution and transmission environment, and on associated CNI sites, we understand in detail the expectations and requirements of this sector. Battery storage halls are a new part of that world and we’ve spent some considerable time understanding the associated fire risks and how best to manage them. Therefore, as regulations are introduced, Pointer will be well placed to advise and support new and existing customers. We have produced a customer information pack around battery storage which includes a white paper explaining the risk profile of lithium-ion batteries and appropriate mitigation strategies. Axis is very much a part of our mitigation package as we move forward.