Meet a former thesis student

my name is Jonna and I did my master thesis work at Axis Communications during the spring of 2012. Previously I studied Mechanical Engineering at the faculty of engineering at Lund University, LTH. My master was within product development and industrial design.

The master thesis was performed at a small department within Axis, Product Concepts and New Ideas, PCNI. The focus in the department lays on creation and exploitation of new ideas for future products and features. My task was to explore the possibilities with the upcoming technology of additive manufacturing with focus on product customization. I found my supervisor and coworkers to be both supportive and encouraging. As a master thesis student I was always invited to monthly meetings and happenings, something that made me feel like a part of the company.

After my master thesis work, I was offered a permanent position at the mechanical development within R&D. I am now part of the team, designing and developing a surveillance camera. The work stretches from the earliest concept development to the release of a final product, which creates an interesting and varied work environment.

My work is very satisfying and Axis, as a company, is distinguished by openness with a good atmosphere among the employees. Without any doubts, my work at Axis will be both developing and enjoyable!