VAPIX® is Axis’ own open API (Application Programming Interface) using standard protocols enabling integration into a wide range of solutions on different platforms. Almost all functionality available in Axis products can be controlled using VAPIX®. VAPIX® is continuously developed and the main interface to our products. Keeping the API stable and backward compatible is our top priority and allows easy integration of current and future products.

Axis most basic VAPIX® APIs are open for everyone but as an Application Development Partner (ADP) you get access to the complete VAPIX® documentation, to the VAPIX® Library tool with fast and easy search functionality, to sample code, to development support, etc. All companies and organizations are welcome to the Axis ADP Program.

VAPIX® Version 3

For products using firmware version 5 and above

Introduction to VAPIX®
This document specifies general abbreviations, style conventions and interface specifications for the VAPIX® version 3 documentation.

Audio API
Supported from firmware 5.00
This document explains the basic arguments and parameters to send, receive and configure an audio stream using HTTP or RTSP requests.

Event and Action Services API
Supported from firmware 5.50
Event and Action Services are used to configure the Axis video products to perform actions when the product detects an occurrence of some kind, for example to start a recording if motion is detected outside office hours or to run a guard tour once every hour. The APIs are based on Web Services.
Previous version: Event Handling 1.10 - will be removed in Q1, 2016. 

General System Settings
Supported from firmware 5.00
This API can be used to configure system settings in an Axis video product. The functionalities include managing user accounts, performing factory default, upgrading firmware, restarting, downloading server report and logs, as well as getting or setting system date and time.

I/O Port API
Supported from firmware 5.00
This API provides the ability to connect Axis video products with integrated digital input and output ports to external devices such as detectors, lights, switches and alarm relays. Devices connected to input ports are usually used to trigger alarms. Devices connected to output ports can be activated by a triggered/scheduled event.

Network Parameters
Supported from firmware 5.00
The HTTP-based interface provides the functionality for configuring network settings. This document describes the different parameters and values that are used to configure those settings with help of Parameter Management API.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom API
Supported from firmware 5.20
PTZ API is used for controlling PTZ functionality on Axis PTZ dome cameras, video encoders, cameras with digital PTZ, and fixed cameras with serial ports. PTZ can be controlled for each video channel (referred to as a camera in the API) on an Axis video product. PTZ API is divided into PTZ Control API, PTZ Driver Management API and Queuing API. This document also describes the parameters HTTP API for IR cut filter, backlight compensation, focus, brightness, iris, auxiliary and OSD menu.

Parameter Management API
Supported from firmware 5.00
Parameter Management API can be used to request parameter values and update parameters in an Axis video product.

Serial Port API
Supported from firmware 5.20
Serial Port API is used for changing settings for the serial port on Axis video products with serial ports. For example when to change serial port settings for an uploaded PTZ driver or get to know what type of settings that could be changed when adding some type of device with a serial port to the product.

Video Streaming API
Supported from firmware 5.00
This document explains the basic arguments and parameters to send, receive and configure a video stream using HTTP or RTSP requests.

Document archive

For products using fw. version 4.xx

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Parameter Specification, VAPIX® version 2

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