Axis to showcase latest smart city solutions at Smart City Expo 2018

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February 11, 2019 - Lund, Sweden
Axis Communications will be using Smart City Expo, which takes place in Barcelona, November 13-15 2018, to showcase a range of solutions, delivering safety and mobility in a city. As the focal point for government, security providers and many others to discuss the benefits of smart cities, the event highlights the areas where maximum benefit to citizens and administrators can be found through seamlessly connected data and infrastructure.

Stefan Alfredsson, Global Solution Marketing Manager, Safe Cities, at Axis, commented: “Smart City Expo is a highlight of our year’s activities, where we focus on public safety and mobility, two of the essential attributes of a smart city. It’s both an opportunity to demonstrate the role we play in delivering smarter and safer cities, and to learn more about the challenges faced and how we can develop solutions to address them.”

Enhanced citizen safety and improved traffic flow are two essential pillars in any urban environment and provide the focus for Axis solutions on show at Smart City Expo 2018, along with real-world examples of technology in action.


Public-private initiatives to increase safety

Together with its partners, Axis can help every city, big or small, flourish through unified security, connected data and intelligence. The City of Atlanta, Georgia, offers an example of these solutions in action, where the Atlanta Police Department has launched Operation Shield, a video integration initiative that pulls video resources from private and public entities into a single command center.


Another example is the City of New Orleans, where smart sharing and integration of data – from cameras, license plate readers and the 911 dispatch center – help the Police to more efficiently prevent, detect and investigate crime.


Christian Chenard-Lemire, Team Lead for Intelligent Transport Systems at Genetec Inc. stated: “In order for citizens to benefit from a ‘Smart City’, it must also be a ‘Safe City’. For any urban environment, safety, security, and the flow of people and goods have always been a critical factor, driving the need for new, innovative technology. Through the open-architecture, unified security platform in Genetec™ Security Center, our partnership with Axis helps us remain in a sound position to be able to lead cities towards a safer and smarter future,” added Chenard-Lemire.


Keeping cities moving through video-based traffic management

A city’s traffic situation has a direct impact on perception of quality of life, and every improvement bring positive economic and reputational impact. Axis and partners offer video-based traffic management solutions that enable authorities to optimize traffic flow in real-time and get solid input for long-term improvements. Smart traffic cameras can automatically detect accidents or violations, as well as collect comprehensive and valuable traffic data. By deploying such solutions, cities benefit from safer roads, improved mobility and happier commuters.


More solutions from Axis and its partners at Smart City Expo

Axis technology and the possibilities created with Axis partners Genetec (Unified Security Platform), DeDrone (Drone detection), Herta (Facial recognition), ViNotion (Crowd management and Urban planning), Libelium (Wireless sensor networks) and Sorama (Make Sound Insightful), will be showcased at Smart City Expo World Congress 2018.  Key members of the Axis group; Citilog (Video-based traffic management) and 2N (Most reliable IP intercom) will also be present at the event.


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