Only 15 % of companies are adequately prepared for a cyber attack

February 11, 2019
Axis Communications and Genetec have conducted a survey, to understand customers’ attitudes to cyberthreats, how cybersecurity impacts their business and how prepared they feel to face an attack. 

The survey concluded, that despite cyberattacks being recognized as a real and incumbent danger by most companies (87% prioritized it as a risk), only a few felt they had adequate defenses (15%).



  • Most respondents (57%) recognize a lack of internal priority and competences as a reason for not being properly prepared.
  • Where an attack took place, social engeneering and phishing email are blamed by 45% of the respondants; legacy systems are also blamed (59%).
  • Only 35% report having a cybersecurity expert working in their business.
  • 26% of the sample report having experienced a cyberattack in the past 12 months, however 28% are unsure of whether an attack took place
  • The consequences of a cyber attack can damage not only the company’s monetary resources, but also the trust between them and their customers.


More results and insights from the survey in the Secure Insights blog.

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