A Q&A with NW Security Group – an Axis Partner

November 29, 2019
Frank Crouwel, Managing Director, NW Security Group, reflects on the 15 year partnership with Axis and discusses why trust, ethics and values spell the way forward for the industry.

You’ve been a valued Axis partner for 15 years. How did that partnership come about?

Network Webcams Limited, as it was called then, was founded almost exactly 15 years ago, and we’ve been Axis partners ever since. In 2004 when we started, the convergence of IP cameras and IT networks was still very much in its infancy, so we grew with Axis over the years and have been together throughout the various changes in the physical security industry. We’ve seen, and been involved with, many exciting innovations along the way such as the growth of the IoT. Network Webcams gradually evolved and the company rebranded to NW Security Group in 2010 to better reflect the broader range of products and services that we offer.


What does the partnership with Axis mean to you? What opportunities has it provided?

Axis has always been ahead of the game since it launched the very first IP camera in 1996, the NetEye 200. Despite its low performance capabilities, it began a chain of events that created a global change in the way security and surveillance technology is used. It’s the quality of the business, its people and its reputation that plays a big part in maintaining lasting relationships. They’re transparent; they’re open; they’re innovative; and they value long term partnerships. The fact that we have partnered with them for 15 years is testimony to this. The consistency in the relationship is important, our account manager has been with Axis for 13 years for example, because opportunities come from trust, which takes time to build and flourish.


Can you elaborate on how trust plays a part in the relationship between NW Security Group and Axis?

With the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, the focus on comprehensive security and full data compliance has become essential, making it necessary to establish trust throughout the whole supply chain. It’s a more modern outlook. As far as NW Security Group is concerned, we set great store on trust and establishing an ethical approach to business, so naturally look for similar qualities in our partners. It’s therefore very easy for us to align ourselves with Axis, who take the same approach as we do. Axis makes it simple to do business. It’s one thing having a good product, but it’s incredibly important for that product to be fully supported by a great team; a team that can be trusted and relied upon. I feel that Axis do this better than anyone else.


How do you ensure that the customers you work with share the same values as Axis and NW Security Group? What do you look for in a customer?

We are always looking for customers that think similarly to us and with whom we can build long term partnerships. If you can build that kind of ethical relationship based on trust and centred around common goals and motivations, then the conversations are very different to the very typical discussions around sales and purchasing. It’s challenging for us when an organisation we’re dealing with has no real interest in the values of ethical business over and above profit as we don’t really compete on cost or price. So for us it’s all about mirroring the Axis philosophy and values built around sustainable business practice and taking that to the market. In that sense we are an extension of Axis, and for us that works well in front of customers.


We have seen many great product demonstrations and interesting presentations at Axis’ Partner Showcase 2019 event. What’s your response to what you have seen?

Historically, we are a network video company, but as devices and systems evolved we started to see more demand for access control. Right now, we’re seeing a lot of demand for IP horn speakers integrated with surveillance cameras that allow the detection of a threat and the ability to issue verbal warnings as a deterrent. In the past this would require separate audio and CCTV systems, but with today’s integrated technologies on display here it’s really smooth. We’re moving into audio for business next; it’s a very different proposition when you start to talk about retail space, so we’re currently looking into that. There’s always work to be done and we thrive on solving security challenges to help our customers and, as Axis says, innovate for a smarter, safer world.


Axis’ Partner Showcase 2019 event was a great success - what have you taken from the day?

London’s Tottenham Hotspur F.C. is a fantastic venue and was a great setting for a well focussed event. It was very worthwhile; great for networking because all of the key people in the industry were in one room, and all of the key technologies were on show without the ‘noise’ of the outside world. It was a chance to really concentrate, take the time to talk to others, look at the technologies being demonstrated, and get as much out of the day as possible. With that event, Axis provided a platform for partners to demonstrate their own industry expertise, backed by Axis products and services.


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