Collaboration for increased innovation and competitiveness

March 11, 2020
In a creative collaboration with the private business sector and other stakeholders, City of Lund is developing innovative products and solutions for smart and sustainable cities for use at local, regional and international level. “The interest in joint innovation has never been greater,” says Peter Kisch, Project Manager for Future by Lund.

Future by Lund is an ‘innovation platform’ for smart and sustainable solutions. Its vision is to encourage innovation through collaboration and joint solutions for greater synergy across districts and an enhanced quality of life for the people who live in them. Collaboration takes place between local, national and international stakeholders, cities and regions, private companies and organisations.

International innovation culture

Future by Lund plans to create clusters and attract companies and talent, as well as capital, resources and a focus on joined-up thinking, through both national and international cooperation.

“We want to find innovative solutions that are globally viable. From day one, we always think in terms of innovation and scaling. If we do something, we always look beyond Lund,” says Peter Kisch.

2019 has been a successful year for Future by Lund. Both national and international companies have been in touch and want to be part of this innovative collaboration. The interest within City of Lund has also increased.

“We have really stepped up our activities. There is an increased enthusiasm and curiosity to become involved from both the municipal administration in Lund and from municipal companies,” says Peter Kisch.

Furthermore, several long term projects that Future by Lund has been working on have come to fruition. These include the Electric Road, a project where electric vehicles are charged while driving via rails in the road, and Human Centric Light, where wavelengths of light are regulated and adapted for application across a variety of different environments. Light is proven to affect the hormonal system as well as stress levels and can be used to boost energy and increase productivity, or to have a relaxing effect.

In addition, Ectogrid is an initiative where surplus energy is shared between city districts and housing for more efficient energy use. Lastly, the Smart Public Environments project uses smart technology to make society safer for citizens and/or more efficient for the city or municipality, such as through anti-theft devices for bicycles and the monitoring of the electricity network in order to improve remedial reaction to disruption.

Collaboration and synergy with the private business sector

The private business sector with its many established companies plays a key role for Future by Lund to achieve its vision. Axis Communications plays an important part in this.

Peter Kisch, project manager for Future By Lund

“It is extremely important that Axis is located in Lund as this brings much opportunity. Axis being located here means that other companies want to come here too, as large companies form a platform for growth. The fact that Axis keeps its headquarters and its research and development facility in Lund is evidence that there is much for businesses to benefit from by association with the city,” says Peter Kisch.

He also emphasises the strength of Axis' global presence and wealth of experience following the successful launch of high-quality products and solutions onto an international market. Axis is an independent entity with a high level of confidence from customers and partners.

City of Lund will also have the opportunity to meet other global cities with which Axis collaborates in order to discuss challenges and share lessons learned through the  Axis Experience City Programme. 

Relationships create concrete collaborations

Future by Lund is constantly in search of new solutions, with the aim being to cross-fertilise new thinking and idea flow with experience and knowledge, resulting in a solid foundation for the smart innovations of the future.

“We are very good at making things happen. We are like a coach and act as a catalyst that gets the ball rolling,” says Peter Kisch. The work is relationship-driven. Future by Lund is highly focused on connecting individuals and companies.

Increased collaborations and services 2020

Networking participants include cities such as Borås, Gothenburg, Kiruna and Stockholm, several Dutch cities, Stuttgart in Germany and Boston in the USA.

“I expect that we will collaborate and develop projects with even more stakeholders, maintain a good tempo and continue to connect Lund internationally,” says Peter Kisch.

A clear trend is that cities are increasingly purchasing services and not investing in their own technology, for example the purchase of traffic monitoring services instead of investing in the cities’ own systems.

So what advice does Peter Kisch have for other cities and regions that want to increase their attractiveness?

“First you have to draw up your innovation map. It's important to talk about money and financing, and where you are headed.” Furthermore, it's a question of which values should drive the collaboration forward.

It must be exciting. It should not be a formal process. You need to be open and inquisitive and be able to change your mind along the way,

“It must be exciting. It should not be a formal process. You need to be open and inquisitive and be able to change your mind along the way,” says Peter Kisch. “This is different in comparison with running production processes. It should be guided by curiosity and playfulness. The future happens where people have the most fun.”



About Future by Lund

Future by Lund is an innovation platform which facilitates smart and sustainable solutions for growing cities and people. Future by Lund consists of City of Lund and partners from universities, organisations and the private business sector. It is active in Lund and adjacent areas, and has both national and international contacts and collaborations.

Future by Lund is part of the Trade & Industry Office in Lund. The work is financed by Vinnova, City of Lund and participating partners. The core team of Future by Lund consists of seven people.
The central focus is on challenges that are of significance for the design of sustainable operations relating to road safety, the reduction of commuting times, the creation of a cleaner environment, reduction of emissions, improvements in healthcare, the encouragement of entrepreneurship, increasing social connections and digital participation, creation of new jobs and exploring ways to reduce costs.

The work is conducted within five focus areas: Digital Humans, Moving things & people, Future Living & Spaces, Human Centric Light, Creatives and Changemakers. Companies and organisations that collaborate with Future by Lund include Akademiska Hus, Axis, Cleantech Scandinavia, Eon, Ideon Innovation, Ideon Science Park, Innovation Skåne, Kraftringen, Region Skåne, Siemens, Skanska and Sustainable Business Hub.

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About the collaboration between Axis Communications and Future by Lund

This first project, partnering Axis and Future by Lund, is based on City of Lund’s policy documents and focusses on the development of mobility solutions to face the challenges identified in Lund.

The collaboration with Axis gives cities and municipalities the opportunity to work better horizontally, which is encouraged by Axis technology, instead of working in silos. For example, many different departments across a city can derive benefit from data collected from surveillance cameras, regardless of which department initially collected the information.

The collaboration makes it possible for Axis to ensure the quality of City of Lund’s Smart Cities solutions, based on meeting ongoing requirements. Axis also has access to Future by Lund's open platform and can thereby meet the needs of several administrations, without lock-in effect.

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For further information, please contact: Kristina Tullberg, Regional Communications Manager Northern Europe, Axis Communications
Phone: +46 708 90 18 72