Axis meets customer demand to create innovative, smarter accessories

August 16, 2019
At Axis Communications we always listen to our customers. In order to create innovative products, services and solutions, we must evolve with the needs of our customers to better understand and help them solve the day-to-day challenges they face.  Axis' research and development team digests customer feedback and uses this as the basis for innovation when developing and refining products and services.

"We are in constant dialogue with our customers and listen to their requirements. We have a genuine interest and motivation to always create the best products, services and solutions for our customers when it comes to usability, functionality and design. A fine example of this is the camera mounts for lighting tracks where both the idea and demand for the product were driven by the customer", says Michael Chen, Global Product Manager, Axis Communications.

Meeting a challenge in retail

Customers in the retail sector required a new solution for setting up surveillance cameras in the ceilings of their stores, but without causing damage to the ceilings themselves. The aim was to create a safe and secure environment for staff and customers. Cameras needed to be easy to move around the stores in line with changes to interior design, furnishings and arrangement of products, which were refreshed at regular intervals.  

Part of the brief specified that the solution should be aesthetically pleasing, so that the installation of video surveillance cameras would blend into the surroundings, preserving the design of the stores and maintaining a stylish shopping experience. An important requirement was also that the mount should fit with most lighting tracks and different types of lighting.

To meet these requirements, we developed the AXIS T91A33 Lighting Track Mount, a camera mount system that allows a range of different Axis cameras to be attached to existing ceiling-mounted tracks already being used for lighting purposes. With no ceiling alterations necessary, the mount offers complete flexibility.

Saving industry time and money

Installation is quick and easy, with no need for additional tools or special accessories. All electrical cables are routed along or behind existing lighting tracks, avoiding the need to feed cables through ceilings or into walls. The AXIS T91A33 Lighting Track Mount makes it easy for store owners or installers to detach and re-attach cameras to lighting tracks around the store, moving them into a variety of different positions to suit changes to shop layout, or when a new camera vantage point is required.

The stylish and discreet design ensures that the mount blends in. It’s even easy to repaint for a perfect match to interior design colour schemes. "A stylish design is important to us, together with creative solutions for how our customers can work smarter", says Michael Chen.

The unique AXIS T91A33 Lighting Track Mount provides a customisable solution for surveillance without compromising safety and security. The simplicity of the design reduces the need for technical expertise for adjustments. The same single version of the mount fits with track systems and standards in both Europe and USA.

We have created a unique and cost-effective solution, which is easy to use, flexible and creates clear value for customers; a ground-breaking product both for Axis and for the industry.  Since most stores have lighting tracks already installed, the product is not only efficient but highly cost effective.

Trustworthy and sustainable for the long term

Axis’ commitment to innovating for a smarter, safer world includes being mindful of the way in which new products are produced and how the manufacturing process can affect the environment. With sustainability in mind, the AXIS T91A33 Lighting Track Mount is produced from PVC-free materials. We work actively to reduce our environmental impact with the aim of phasing out PVC from all of our products, and are seeing great success in this regard with more than 80 per cent of our range of network cameras and encoders now PVC‑free.

Our product and solution specialists, sales managers, product development teams and personnel from across other functions work collaboratively towards a shared goal of solving customer challenges and driving innovation. The sharing of competences leads to the creation of innovative, ground-breaking products, services and solutions that continue to meet the needs of Axis’ customers and partners. 

"Trust and long-term relationships are the basis for how Axis does business, as well as being crucial to our continued success. This is based on our corporate culture, which is characterised by transparency, cooperation, commitment and accepting responsibility", says Michael Chen. “Cooperation, trust and responsiveness are important cornerstones that allow us to be at the forefront and continue to create innovative products, services and solutions for a smarter and safer world."

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