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Small systems


Video surveillance made simple

Keep your business safe with an easy-to-use surveillance solution. With AXIS Companion, you can monitor your whole premises onsite, and even on-the-go. Flexible options provide a reliable solution that’s ready to scale for any business need.

Whether you own a shop, hotel, office or even multiple locations, AXIS Companion will give you a complete security solution that’s designed to keep your business safe. And give you extra peace of mind.

Simply in control

Look at your phone and you’re at your business with the intuitive AXIS Companion app. Or, if you prefer, your tablet, laptop, or desktop. You can view footage from one camera – or all your cameras. You decide. What’s more, you can choose to receive instant alerts if something happens when you’re not looking, and you decide who can access your system and what they can do. Feels good, right?

Expand your system

AXIS Companion video management software supports the big portfolio of Axis video surveillance devices, so you can expand your system for any changing needs. Tight integration of IP-camerasvideo encoders and network door stations ensures you will to get the most out of your surveillance system.

We can leave even our larger facilities unguarded because the cameras do the heavy lifting

How a Swedish gym chain secure their premises, protect their staff, and keep an eye on the day-to-day business – even when they are not there with AXIS Companion