Operational and financial goals

Market leading strategy

Axis shall drive the technology shift towards network surveillance solutions by development and marketing of high-quality innovative products, strong global cooperation with partners while maintaining the corporate culture. The overall goal of strengthening the market-leading position in the network video market shall be achieved through the following strategies for the three areas partners, products and global expansion.



  • Axis shall maintain an offensive release rate and offer new products and solutions designed for professional installations within the security sector and for improving operational efficiency.
  • Axis shall understand the customers’ needs and meet them with the latest innovative products in the market.
  • Axis’ network video solutions shall be scalable, flexible, cost-efficient, intelligent and deliver enhanced flexibility and high performance.
  • Axis’ product portfolio shall be supplemented with software applications in order to offer customers effective standardized video applications and remote monitoring systems.
  • Axis shall maintain its leading technological position through continued focused investments in research and development. The basis consists of platforms which ensure high quality and performance in all products.
  • Axis’ products shall be manufactured in collaboration with partners that are specialized in contract electronics manufacturing and that comply with the requirements of Axis’ Code of Conduct.


Axis’ indirect sales model means that the work with partners is an important strategic cornerstone. A strong and loyal partnership with distributors, system integrators, resellers and application developers boosts the global market presence which accelerates the technology shift.


  • Axis shall continue to advance the cooperation with local and global strategic partners in order to spread knowledge of the commercial benefits of network video.
  • Axis shall develop business within different end customer segments such as the transport sector, retail, education, banks, city surveillance, healthcare and industry.
  • Axis shall drive the technology shift from analog to network video solutions, through training of partners and marketing efforts, among other activities.

Global Expansion

Axis is expanding its operations and increasing its presence through recruitments in existing offices and by establishing a presence in new geographical markets. Axis acts as a global actor for a sustainable society.


  • Axis shall mainly grow organically. Acquisitions aimed at increasing geographical reach, however, are not ruled out.
  • Axis shall continue to attract and recruit skilled employees on a global basis within identified skills areas.
  • Axis’ sustainability work is, and always has been, a natural element in the company’s operations.